English, Language, and Religion

Many years ago, English probably is not too familiar in my country, Indonesia, and maybe for some countries in the world. For me, it was really hard to study English at that time. The reason number one was because my father was so religious (he is still religious) and conservative. He thought what I can do by studying English and what was it for. The reason number two was because I live in one of the most populous Moslem country in the world.

Many years ago, and could be until now, in my country, there is a stereotype that relates to language and religion. Before the internet comes into our world, it was really hard for us to get the information. Many people get the information from what other people said and the other said to other people, and so on. They believe it, they do it. In the end, they made their own conclusion.

What kind of stereotype that happened in my country and relate to English, language, and religion. Here’s the story.